The Greek Islands

May 6-13, 2020

Iconic Scenery, Unique Beaches, Castles, Parthenons, and more

Duration: 7 days, 6 nights
Destination: Greece
Packages: *$1850

We are going back to Greece! So, this summer escape with us to the beautiful islands of Santorini and Crete. We will be walking the unique streets of Athens, exploring the iconic island of Santorini, and adventuring through the rugged island of Crete. Rich in ancient culture will make these experiences unlike any others.

Let the traditional Orthodox churches guide you through to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. There is nothing like riding a donkey up the steep steps of Thira, tasting the exquisite wine and food from the ancient countryside, and catching the worlds best sunset overlooking the ocean. These seven days in Greece will be nothing short of spectacular and the adventures will surely be something you can check off your bucket list.

We would love you to join us on this epic journey! We recommend that this adventure is for people between 18-35. Now you can be older, just know the itinerary is built for this age group. If you’re not convinced, check out the gorgeous photos below. It’s going to be a blast! Last year this trip sold out in 10 minutes and had a waiting list a mile long. Spots are very limited so reserve your spot now!


Greece Departure








“Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times” – Asian Proverb

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We cannot express our love more for this area. We have been coming here for years, but only now opening up this hidden gem to everyone. Check out some of these photos to get hyped.

Activities & Adventures

1. Iconic Scenary 

The islands of Greece are surrounded by vivid blue waters that are perfect for relaxing and soaking up the Greek sun. The buildings and houses are well known for their distinctive style and colors. Explore the wonderful history of these islands through their famous blue and white buildings and stone pathways. A visit to Knossos Castle will leave you amazed at the work of the ancient Greek people.

2. Crete’s Pink Beaches

Only a handful of pink sand beaches exist in the world, one of the most notable ones is located in Crete. Tiny red oyster shells mix with the beautiful white sand to give it the light pink hue. Crete not only has one, but two of these rare pink sand beaches. These beaches are in stark contrast to the other islands which boast black sand due to the volcanic nature of the islands. Inside of this trip you’ll see black, white, red, and pink sand beaches. Nowhere else in the world will you find this diverse collection of beaches.

3. Immersive Culture

Greece exudes pride in their history, food, people, and everything else that makes their culture distinctive. Fresh seafood, olives, and Baklava are just some of the popular dishes you will taste as you make your way through the islands. A visit to the Acropolis or the Greek Pompeii site will have you brushing up on your history. Their vibrant nightlife and exceptional hospitality will make you feel welcome at any time of the day. In Greece everyone is family.



Day 1-3

Arrive in Athens to start your Greek adventure. Explore breathtaking botanic gardens and ancient architecture. Start your days with Greek yogurt topped with local honey and finish them with a coffee and a slice of Baklava in the cafes that line the streets of Athens.



Day 3-5

Travel to Santorini to continue taking in the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea views. This iconic island has the best views in all of Greece. You can enjoy a plate of fresh fish caught right in front of you and afterwards, dive deep into history at the Greek Pompeii sites.



Day 5-7

Enjoy a boat ride to the beautiful island of Crete, where you can relax on your last couple of days on the islands. Explore the castle of Knossos and take a dip in the bright, blue waters. Experience the incredible sunsets at one of the few pink sand beaches in the world. 

***Dates are subject to change by 1-3 days. You will be alerted before changes. All deposits are nonrefundable and final. Prices are based on departures from SLC, LAX, SFO, DEN, NYC, and WAS. All other airports are subject to price adjustments.

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