About Us

There is no one who loves travel more than us. We’ve spent the past few years traveling the globe and perfecting our travel experience.

Airtrax was born out of a love of travel. Each trip is custom made to accommodate every budget. We’ve worked out the tricky parts for you to focus on having the best time. We try and plan the most unique and special experiences, but you always have the option to opt out of anything and venture off on your own. We put exploration and site seeing as a top priority, closely followed by time on beaches, Infiniti pools, beautiful squares, and roof tops. Join an adventure.

Custom Travel Experiences

Our goal is for you to to be inspired by the journey and to truly see how beautiful the world is.

We pride ourselves on our ability to uniquely plan trips that blends the classic “touristy” vibe with a touches of adventure. Ultimately, we want you to leave our trips feeling like you saw everything there was to offer and more. We’ve led different groups to untouched places, massive cities, primitive jungles, lush mountaintops, wild cultures and all of the colorful corners of the world. We’ve been known to make plenty of foreign friends along the way that we keep in touch with to this day. When you choose to travel with Airtrax, your not simply booking a trip, you’re investing in future relationships, experiences, knowledge and stories that will last a lifetime.

Building Memories

We’ve learned that sometimes the most memorable part of the journey is the people you meet. We’ve got the coolest people.

No Distance Is too Far

We literally go everywhere. Let us know if you have a cool idea in mind!