Arctic Exploration

January 27-February 4, 2020

Dog sledding, Northern Lights, Santa Claus, & London

Duration: 9 days, 7 nights
Destination: Rovaniemi, Finland
Packages: *$1500

This is going to be unlike any adventure we’ve done before. We will be spending a few days chasing the Northern lights in the Arctic Circle. Lapland is Finland’s northernmost region, a sparsely populated area bordering Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea. It’s known for its vast subarctic wilderness, ski resorts and natural phenomena including the midnight sun and the Northern Lights. Its capital, Rovaniemi, is one of the northern most cities in the world and home to the official Santa Claus Village.

Our time here will be spent chasing the Northern lights, dog sledding, saunas, and so much more. Upgrades we’ve found are out of this world. They include sleeping in an all glass igloos, one of the worlds most famous mountain hotels, and beautiful picturesque log cabins.

We will be spending a few days in London before and after our time in the Arctic. With limited flights going to this remote area, London is one of two cities with flights to this region. We are making the most of these stop overs and exploring the cultural epicenter of London.

What are you waiting for? Join the adventure.

Arctic Adventure Departure








“Winter is actually the best time of year you could come to Lapland. Most of the traditional Lappish activities involve snow, so you’ll need to come from December till early April to experience the real thing.”

— Travel Geekery

Stellar Gallery

Here are a few of shots for the areas we are going. If this doesn’t get you hyped I don’t know what will. 

Things to Know

1. It’s bloody cold

Honestly what else could you expect in peak winter in the most northern area in the world. Most our hotels are equiped with reindeer bedding in order to keep you warm. So pack warmly or you might just find you’ll spend most time indoors.

2. Majestic Daylight

This time of year is well known for its soft crystal clear skies. With an average day light of merely 6 hours the sun never truly rises. Which gives off a beautiful soft light that you’ll never forget.

3. Lost in London

London is an amazing busy city and it’s easy to get lost in its beautiful architecture and windy roads. So just plan ahead and download any offline maps and tube timetables you’ll need. If you stick with us, I’ve been to London more times than I can count.  

Day 1-3

London Travel Day

We will all depart from our origin cities and meet up in London. This time we will take to adjust to the time shift as well as explore the iconic sites.

Day 3-7

Lapland Exploration

Due to the fickleness of the weather and limited day light hours we have a large selection of indoor and outdoor activities.

We want to go dog sledding, visit famous saunas, Santa Claus village, the world famous Ice hotel, and much more.


Day 7-9

London Travel Day

Again due to the fickleness of the weather we need to allow ourselves plenty of time to travel back to London.

We recommend 2 days in London on the way back. Some people have opted to stay even up to 2 weeks. Let us know if you want to extend your stay beforehand.

We will use this time to explore more the beautiful sites of London and surrounding areas. 

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